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I'm open to ideas for other sections you'd like to see in these quotes page  -  so please do email those ideas to me.  I asked Tony Astbury for a quote for the loo wall the other day and he kindly supplied me with his book of  aphorisms. Thanks to Tony for that -  I'll be adding these to the new section  Anthony Astbury's Aphorisms on a regular basis. 

Festival /Arts/Educational organisers often ask me to send them blurb  which will be appropriate for programmes or for funding applications.  Hopefully some of the quotes in the Recent quotes about Julie section will be of use to you if you were hoping to find some of this sort of information here.  More detailed information of projects I've been involved in can be found in Biography section of this site (Bird's Eye CV and past projects in particular) and, for this purpose, I've also included  Quotes from Press Archive.