Beyond the Bullring

Beyond the Bullring

ISBN: 1 900325 19 5

Pontefract Press

Publication Date: 2001, Reprinted: 2007



Her poems are a ‘must read’ for you.  Realistic and gritty her poems are grounded in the everyday urban life of Birmingham.(Paul Newnham, Birmingham Libraries)

It is a delight to find a poet of this quality who is blessed with a flexible and expressive voice. (The Raw Edge Magazine)

Her poetry allows the reader to journey through the alienation of urban life, to emerge with hope for the future. The poetry is multi-dimensional, and stretches the reader in the true Bardic tradition. (Poetry Pals)

This first collection of Julie Boden’s poetry speaks for the urban heart of Birmingham.  The poetry, written with wit and intelligence, has a dreamy quality.  It is a fascinating new look at Birmingham through the eyes of a highly original poet. (Helena Rudge)